Michelle Patrick ’84 – It Takes a Titan

Michelle shares why she donates to the College and her hopes for supporting future ECS students

Michelle Patrick

What inspires you most about the work taking place at the College of ECS? 

I think the College of ECS, the whole CSUF experience has become much more dynamic since I went to school there. The professors work much more closely with the students and strive to make their courses an enriching experience. I’m especially impressed with the number of donations that support senior projects and the collaboration with local companies that bring in exciting projects for the students to work on. I remember how challenging it was to put myself through college, and I think the help available for students today makes a degree in engineering and computer science much more achievable for a broader set of students.

How did ECS help prepare you for your life’s journey and career?

I remember the program was pretty tough when I went through it. I really wanted to get my degree in Computer Science ASAP and get into the workforce. I didn’t want to remain a poor student. The effort took to get through the program while working part-time provided me with a great work ethic. When I got my degree and started working full time, I remember thinking, this is such a piece of cake, and I get paid for it! My first employers were so impressed by how quickly I was able to complete assignments.  Some of the older employees told me to slow down because I was making them look bad. The ECS curriculum gave me enough hands-on computer experience that I was able to tackle new problems and new software languages with ease.

Why did you decide to patriciate in the It Takes a Titan Campaign for CSUF, and what do you hope to accomplish through your annual and planned gift to the College?

I had to admit, it was interacting with Dr. Susan Barua, Dean of the College of Engineering and Computer Science. She is so charismatic and works so energetically to improve the university. In the few years, I’ve participated on the ECS council, I’ve listened to Dean Baruma talk about the improvements she is spearheading. The university continues to climb in rankings against other universities, and I’d like to help it continue to improve. I read that Money Magazine ranked CSUF 22nd out of 744 universities across the country regarding the quality of education, affordability, and outcomes. By making this donation, I will be improving future students’ experiences, which makes me proud.

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